The Responsible Care Program

Responsible Care® is a global, voluntary initiative developed autonomously by the chemical industry. 
It stands for the chemical industry's (including national chemical federations and associations) desire to improve health, safety, and environmental performance.

The signatory chemical companies agree to commit themselves to improve their performances in the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection, plant safety, product stewardship and logistics, as well as to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.

In Italy, the Responsible Care Programme, started in 1992 and managed by Federchimica, is currently pursued with commitment and determination by 170 large, medium and small Italian and foreign companies.

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The Transport Emergency Service (S.E.T.)

Transport Emergency Service (S.E.T.) is a voluntary program promoted by Federchimica (Italian Federation of Chemical Industry), in which chemical companies, associations and other companies (e.g. Logistics Companies) are interested in cooperating with Public Authorities to prevent and manage any accidents in the transportation of chemical products.

Level 1: information on the chemicals involved during the transport emergency;
Level 2: deployment of a qualified technician on the scene of the accident;
Level 3: mobilization of an emergency team on the scene of the accident;
Level 4: health information on chemicals.

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SusChem Italy

SusChem Italy is the National Technology Platform whose aim is to better integrate science, industry, finance, management and institutions and orient them towards sustainable chemistry by increasing their R&D activities in Italy.

  • SusChem Italy informs, creates contacts, generates R&D projects, produces technical-scientific documents, plans events ("National Conference on Sustainable Chemistry");
  • SusChem Italy is composed of chemical companies, manufacturing companies, public research institutes, other public institutions (members) and collaborates with other technology platforms or other organizations dedicated to sustainable development (partners);
  • SusChem Italy cooperates with SusChem Platforms in other European countries and with the "SusChem Network" (

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