What's the Report

The Yearbook on Research for Sustainable Chemistry is a document containing sheets of associated companies and university departments, which carry out research activities for sustainability.

As chemical companies are strongly committed to pursuing more sustainable products and processes, reducing the impact on safety, health and the environment, the purpose of this document is to show the real involvement of the chemical industry on this issue.

The Yearbook was published by Federchimica for the first time in 2012. The aims are to give visibility to the commitment of companies and universities for sustainability and to spread it as much as possible to the public and institutions.

Federchimica is the National Federation of the Chemical Industry. Currently about 1,400 companies are members of Federchimica, for a total of over 92,000 employees, grouped into 17 sector associations, divided into 38 product groups.

The Yearbook on Research for Sustainable Chemistry was developed thanks to the work of the "Sustainable Chemistry" Working Group of Federchimica.
The "Sustainable Chemistry" Group dealt with sustainable chemistry topic on different levels, both in a national and an European context.
At the same time, the Group intended to promote the Italian Technological Platform for Sustainable Chemistry "Suschem Italy" and, consequently, to improve the links with the European context and the platform "Suschem".

The Group was part of Federchimica's Research, Development and Innovation Committee (Co.R.S.I.).
The Co.R.S.I. is the institutional organisation of Federchimica that deals with issues related to R&D in chemical companies.
The Co.R.S.I. deals also with specific issues through 4 Working Groups:
- Open Innovation and Sustainability
- Nanomaterials and Safety
- European and National Funds
- Technology Transfer

In addition, it supports chemical companies in the participation to national and European calls for tender for R&D and it deals with other relevant topics for innovation, in synergy with the different Associations of the Federation.