Chemical Research Handbook

Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DSF)

General Information

Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DSF)
Largo Donegani 2/3 – 28100 Novara (NO)
Web site:
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Prof. Armando GENAZZANI
+39 0321375827

Detailed information

8 Full Professors
21 Associate Professors
19 Researchers
8 Structured Technicians
14 Administrative Technicians
Registered students
1,307 (Academic year 2021/2022)
Post Lauream Training
14 enrolled in Doctorates in "Chemistry and Biology" and in "Drug Innovation"
16 Research fellows


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Product research innovative research
Product research incremental research
Process research innovative research
Process research incremental research
Water conservation research
Wastewater treatment research
CO2 emission reduction research
Chemistry from renewable sources research
Circular economy research
Biotechnological research
Research for digitization

R&D activities detail

Development of luminescent nanomaterials. Investigation of surface and interface properties of inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. Heterogeneous Catalysis.
Ivana Miletto (+39 0321375747)  download business card

Synthesis of new bioactive compounds from secondary metabolites deriving from industrial wastes
Alberto Minassi (+39 0321375843)  download business card

Synthesis of bioactive molecules with low-impact chemo-enzymatic methods. Synthesis of high added value chemicals from natural sources
Luigi Panza (+39 0321375845)  download business card

Plant-derived added-value products for pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetic and agricultural use
Diego Caprioglio (+39 0321375843)  download business card

Isolation and characterization of natural products from plant for pharmaceutical, nutritional, agricultural and cosmetic applications

Isolation, characterisation and formulation of pigments and dyes from agri-food byproducts and alternative sources
Marco Arlorio (+39 0321375772)  download business card

Formulation of food ingredients rich in fibres from plant materials and food byproducts

Isolation and valorisation of prebiotic oligosaccharides from food industry byproducts
Matteo Bordiga (+39 0321375873)  download business card

Production and characterization of innovative food ingredient using enzymatic processes and concentration systems
Fabiano Travaglia (+39 0321375876)  download business card

Extraction and formulation of polyphenols with antioxidant properties from agri-food byproducts
Monica Locatelli (+39 0321375774)  download business card

Accelerated drug discovery and development relying on click chemistry and multicomponent reactions
Tracey Pirali (+39 0321375853)  download business card

Multicomponent reactions (MCRs) and micellar catalysis for the synthesis of fine chemicals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
Gian Cesare Tron (+39 0321375857)  download business card

Chelating agents and complexes. Contrast agents. Fine chemicals and APIs form renewable sources. Development of green processes. Electrochemistry
Giovanni Battista Giovenzana (+39 0321375846)  download business card

Other R&D organizations

Interdepartmental Center

Director: Enrico Boccaleri.
Contact person for the Department:
Giovanni Battista Giovenzana (+39 0321375846) -

Web site: