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University of Milano – Bicocca , Department of Materials Science

General Information

University of Milano – Bicocca
Department of Materials Science
Via Roberto Cozzi 55 - 20125 Milano (MI)
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Prof.ssa Anna VEDDA
+39 0264485162

Detailed information

21 Full Professors
17 Associate Professors
19 Researchers
1 Technologist
9 Structured Technicians
Registered students
910 (Academic year 2021/2022)
Post Lauream Training
52 enrolled in doctoral programs in Materials Science and Nanotechnology
33 Research fellows
11 fellows
8 active and available patent families and 58 unavailable or discontinued patent families


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Water conservation research
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R&D activities detail

Production of sustainable fuels (hydrogen, methanol, methane) and chemical intermediates by reduction of CO2 and water with sunlight (artificial photosynthesis) (Solar Energy Research Center MIB-SOLAR)
Alessandro Abbotto (+39 0264485227)  download business card

Organic synthesis in water of active materials for optoelectronic devices (e.g. organic solar cells and electrochromic devices for smart windows)
Luca Beverina (+39 0264485229)  download business card

Electron-poor heterocyclic compounds for optoelectronic applications (e.g. n–type semiconductors, electroluminescent compounds) and water splitting
Antonio Papagni (+39 0264485324)  download business card

Low cost chemical processes to deposit inorganic thin film of kesterite and perovskite for solar cells
Simona Binetti (+39 0264485177)  download business card

Electrochemical Energy Storage group. Preparation, characterization and functional characterization of materials for rechargeable batteries, capacitors and supercapacitors. Development, characterization and prototyping of electrochromic devices
Riccardo Ruffo (+39 0264485153)  download business card

Inorganic and polymeric materials for thermoelectrics
Dario Narducci (+39 0264485137)  download business card

Fabrication and study of semiconductor quantum nanostructures (EpiLab)
Stefano Sanguinetti (+39 0264485156)  download business card

Inorganic materials for photovoltaic applications and CO2 capture (MIB-SOLAR Solar Energy Research Centre)
Simona Binetti (+39 0264485177)  download business card

PolCha: Characterization of materials between nano and micro scales: accessibility of hierarchical porous systems, description of polymeric networks also for the optimization of production processes, support for the development of materials from agricultural waste
Michele Mauri (+39 0264485043)  download business card

Synthesis and characterization of anionic and proton-conducting polymeric membranes for fuel cells and electrolysers. Assembly of MEA. Synthesis and characterization of solid and semisolid electrolytes for lithium and post-lithium batteries. Development of processes for the recycling-reuse of lithium batteries
Piercarlo Mustarelli (+39 0264485176)  download business card

Porous Materials: design, synthesis, structural characterization and switchable molecular dynamics for hydrogen and methane storage and purification as well as CO2 capture
Angiolina Comotti (+39 0264485140)  download business card

Theory of oxide surfaces, interfaces, and supported clusters
Gianfranco Pacchioni (+39 0264485219)  download business card

Electronic structure calculations and molecular dynamics simulations of bidimensional materials (graphene, transition metal chalcogenides, and hexagonal boron nitride) and nanoparticles (oxide semicondutors) for fuel cells, water splitting, photocatalysis, and photoelectrochemistry
Cristiana Di Valentin (+39 0264485235)  download business card

Electrocatalysis and Bioelectrocatalysis LAB (EBLAB). Synthesis and characterization of Platinum Group Metal-free (PGM-free) electrocatalysts for hydrogen production and conversion, CO2 ER and N2 RR. Bioelectrochemical systems for wastewater treatment and hydrogen production

Synthesis and characterization of novel polymeric nanostructures (POSYLIFE)
Roberto Simonutti (+39 0264485132)  download business card

NanoMat@Lab: Chemistry of inorganic and hybrid materials. The mission of NanoMat@Lab is the synthesis of innovative inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials looking at the economic, environmental sustainability and at the replacement if critical and toxic materials
Roberto Scotti (+39 0264485133)  download business card

SEFI Lab. Hydrophobic materials for anti-icing applications and selective oil absorption. Polysaccharide-based materials and coatings (cellulose and chitosan) for engineering applications and medical devices. 3D printing via DLP (digital light processing) through photopolymerization of pure resins, as well as ceramic and metallic suspensions
Carlo Antonini (+39 0264485188)  download business card

Advanced spectroscopy of functional nanomaterials
Francesco Meinardi (+39 02644885181)  download business card

Oxides, nanostructures and glass-based materials for optics and optoelectronics and photocatalysis
Roberto Lorenzi (+39 0264485221)  download business card

Other R&D organizations

MIB-SOLAR Solar Energy Research Centre
MIB-SOLAR is a research centre to promote and encourage study and research of new materials and devices related to solar energy in its various forms: photovoltaic processes; photocatalytic effects of different processes
Contacts: Simona Binetti (+39 0264485177) -
Web site:
CORIMAV - Consortium for research on materials
CORIMAV is a consortium funded between the University of Milano – Bicocca and Pirelli Company for research on advanced materials. CORIMAV aim is the development of innovative technologies in the field of materials for tyre applications, on the basis of the scientific and technologic know-how of the University and Pirelli Company. CORIMAV funds three scholarships per year for the industrial curriculum of the doctorate in Materials Science and Nanotechnologies
Contacts: Gianfranco Pacchioni, Member representing the University Milano - Bicocca in the Board of the CORIMAV Consortium (+39 0264485219) -
Barbara Di Credico, Supervisor of research activity and PhD students (+39 0264485189) -
Web site:
DeltaTi Research
DeltaTi Research is a consortium between the University of Milano – Bicocca and LFoundry, fully supported by the private partner and aimed at the development of nanostructured silicon-based thermoelectric generators
Contacts: Dario Narducci (+39 0264485137) -
Web site:
L-NESS - Inter-University Center for Nanometric Epitaxial Structures on Silicon and Spintronics
The Laboratory for Epitaxial Nanostructures on Silicon and Spintronics (L-NESS) is an Inter-University research center of the University of Milano - Bicocca and the Polytecnico di Milano University aimed at the development and study of devices realized by the integration of semiconductors of the IV-IV and III-V groups for microelectronic, optoelectronic, quantum photonics and energy applications
Contacts: Stefano Sanguinetti (+39 0264485156) -
Web site: