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Università della Calabria, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

General Information

Università della Calabria
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
Via P. Bucci 12/C – 87036 Rende (CS)
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Prof.ssa Alessandra CRISPINI
+39 0984492845

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8 Full Professors
17 Associate Professors
14 Researchers
3 Structured Technicians
9 Administrative Technicians
Registered students
305 (Academic year 2019/2020)
Post Lauream Training
19 enrolled in doctoral programs in Doctorates in Industrial  Chemistry  and Chemistry
11 Research fellows


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R&D activities detail

Materials and devices based on natural fibers for water remediation from organic and inorganic pollutants
Bruna Clara De Simone (+39 0984492057)  download business card

Natural fiber reinforced plastics for applications in bio-buildings, automotive, textile, etc

Research on Cultural Heritage. Development of methodology for disinfestation and low-cost conservation of ancient books and papers. Development of chemical-physical technologies for dating and certification of artistic work
Daniela Imbardelli (+39 0984492015)  download business card

Innovative processes for food waste valorisation and biofuel production
Gianni De Filpo (+39 098442095)  download business card

Development of materials for electrochemical storage and energy conversion devices. Polymer electrolytes. Materials and membranes for storage and conversion of CO2
Isabella Nicotera (+39 0984493379)  download business card

Lyotropic liquid crystals phases: determination of phase diagrams. Study of shear-induced lyotropic phases
Luigi Coppola (+39 0984492023)  download business card

LXNMR_S.C.An. lab.: Molecular modeling applied to ordered fluids and thermodynamic/statistical approaches based on Computer Simulations
Giorgio Celebre (+39 0984493321)  download business card

Research of formulations (new additives) and analysis of the effects on the mechanical properties of bitumen systems
Cesare Oliviero Rossi (+39 0984492045)  download business card

LXNMR_S.C.An. lab.: NMR methodologies applied to ordered fluid systems. NMR characterization of natural and synthetic substances. Applications of NMR to the agrifood and biomedical field
Giuseppina De Luca (+39 0984493323)  download business card

Research and development of innovative materials and processes for applications on industrial, environmental and conservation of Cultural Heritage. Multifunctional materials for applications in energy efficiency light switch. Electrochromic and electrofluorochromic plastic films and devices for solar control and light switch. Electro-optic materials and devices based on self-assembling of organic liquid crystalline semiconductors
Amerigo Beneduci (+39 0984492117)  download business card

Chemical characterization of food by mass spectrometry; extraction methodologies and characterization of natural compounds and nutraceutics; preparation of medical foods and novel foods deriving from local agro-food products
Leonardo Di Donna (+39 098449285)  download business card

Development of innovative synthetic methodologies for the production of high value added materials of industrial and pharmaceutical interest
Gabriele Bartolo (+39 0984492815)  download business card

The research of the "LabOrSy" laboratory involves the study of eco-compatible synthetic methodologies for the preparation of heterocycles with biological activity as well as the development of fine chemistry for the synthesis of intermediates and final products with high added value
Antonio De Nino (+39 0984492043)  download business card

Preparation and study of nanostructured organic / inorganic hybrid materials for applications in electro-optical devices
Nicolas Godbert (+39 0984492881)  download business card

Design and synthesis in the solid state, of molecular and supramolecular multifunctional materials, and their characterization by X-ray diffraction techniques (single crystal and powder X-ray Diffraction). X ray diffraction characterization of crystalline and semi-crystalline solid state materials obtained from natural and renewable sources and addressed towards the production of new functional bio-materials
Alessandra Crispini (+39 0984492888)
  download business card

Preparation, characterization and structural study, by X-ray diffraction techniques, of transition metals-based molecular complexes as green catalysts or sensors. Structural insights into complex 2D materials based on hybrid organic-inorganic supramolecular assemblies for bio-inspired artificial photosynthesis

Preparation and characterization of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for application in plasmonic optics, therapy, diagnostics and photoconversion
Massimo La Deda (+39 0984492887)  download business card

Synthesis, characterization by advanced crystallographic methods of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and application of Post-Synthetic Methods for new nanoporous materials, active in heterogeneous catalysis, capture and separation of noble or pollutants species
Donatella Armentano (+39 0984493305)  download business card

Design and synthesis of materials based on metal complexes exhibiting luminescent, liquid-crystalline, photorefractive, photoconductive, electrochromic and anticancer properties
Iolinda Aiello (+39 0984492892)  download business card

Synthesis of molecular and polymeric-based magnetic materials with potential applications for spintronics and their characterization by X-ray diffraction techniques

Development of new analytical protocols for the determination of disease markers in biological fluids. Development of new analytical protocols for the determination of pollutants in environmental matrices. Analytical approaches for the determination of geographical origin of food
Antonio Tagarelli (+39 0984493332)  download business card

Development of analytical methodologies for the comparative analysis of subproteomes, Omics of biological fluids
Anna Maria Napoli (+39 0984493311)  download business card

Sequestering ability of natural ligands towards bioavailable metals
Emilia Furia (+39 0984492831)  download business card

Chemical systems with and without metals also used in photodynamic therapy
Gloria Mazzone (+39 0984493342)  download business card

Reaction mechanisms and targeted use of natural antioxidants
Mariarosa Toscano (+39 0984492108)  download business card

Characterization of natural and engineered catalysts involved in different biological and industrial eco-compatible processes
Tiziana Marino (+39 098844920085)  download business card

New catalysts for the storage and production of hydrogen. Antitumor agents
Emilia Sicilia (+39 0984492048)  download business card

Optical sensors
Nino Russo (+39 0984492106)  download business card

Study of environmental impacts on the biology and physiology of marine plants in the Mediterranean basin. Application of semi-quantitative expression proteomics at different stages of development, photosynthesis ecofisiology, response to biotic and abiotic stress of marine and land plants. Applying open source (or customized) computing tools to identify and characterize gene products and proteins. Identification of allergens in fruits and its derivatives; omics (proteomic and genomic) technologies applied to agro-foods; development of physical methods for the stabilization and pasteurization of agro-foods
Silvia Mazzucca (+39 0984492967)  download business card

Other R&D organizations

Chemical-physics Lab for Industrial, Environmental and Cultural Heritage
Contacts: Amerigo Beneduci (+39 0984492117) -
Web site:
Laboratory of Plant Biology and Plant Proteomics
Contacts: Silvia Mazzuca -
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Lab PC-SM M. Terenzi
Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter Lab
Contacts: Isabella Nicotera (+39 0984493379) -

Luigi Coppola (+39 0984492023) -

Cesare Oliviero Rossi (+39 0984492045) -
Web site:
Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Chemical Preparations
Contacts: Antonio De Nino -
Web site:
Laboratory Of Industrial And Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Contacts: Bartolo Gabriele -
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Liquid X-tal NMR Structural and Conformational-orientational Analysis
Contacts: Giorgio De Luca -
Web site:
Laboratory Of Inorganic Molecular Materials
Contacts: Giovanni De Munno -
Web site:
Molecular Design and Chemistry of Complex Systems
Contacts: Emilia Sicilia -
Web site: